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                             Realize Greater Profits by Increasing Recovery and Reducing Disposal Costs.


Emulsions Control, Inc. offers effective separation of oil, water and solids.  The approach is hi-tech, the expertise diversified. 

The ECI approach is both analysis and application oriented.  So whether the problem is refinery wastes, contaminated lubrication oils, oily effluents, spent coolants or contaminated soil, emulsion samples are analyzed and specifically formulated chemicals are selected. 

The combination of these unique chemicals and extensive field experience gives ECI the leading edge in separation technology. 

Used in conventional gravity settling, or as an aid to mechanical processes, Emulsions Control demulsifiers produce high quality oil, reduced energy costs, and clarified, oil-free water suitable for discharge or reuse. Clients also benefit from dramatically lower sludge disposal costs and more stable operation of plant processes. 

ECO Oil Demulsifiers for Recovery of High-Quality Oil 

ECA Water Demulsifiers for Water Discharge and Reuse 



Recovery and Reduction
Oily Emulsions  

Bunker Fuel  
Crankcase Oil  
Crude Spill Recovery  
De-ashing/Metal Removal 
Hydraulic Oil  
Hydrocarbon Dehazing  
Industrial Oils  
Marine Slops  
Oily Sludges  
Petrochem Organics  
Railroad Oils  
Refinery Slops  
Soil Washing  
Steel Mill Slops  
Tank Bottoms  
U. F. Concentrate 



Water Emulsions

Aqueous Lubricants 
Ballast/Bilge Water 
Caustic Cleanings 
Coolant/Soluble Oil 
Degreasing Washings 
Food Processing 
Glass Bottle Effluents 
Glycol Recycling 
Industrial Effluents 
Laundry Effluents 
Metalworking Waste 
Oil Recycling Effluents 
Petrochemical Waste 
Sulfide Reduction 
Wood Treating Waste

Technologies to solve oil and water separation problems


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    925 Hale Place, Suite A7, Chula Vista, CA  91914 
    Office:  619-656-8899  
    Fax:      619-656-8895 

 Email:  eci-info@emulsionsonline.com

   Technical Support: drsam.delchad@emulsionsonline.com