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Dear Dr. Sam, Thank you for visiting our Salt Lake City, Utah facility. As a re-manufacturer of high quality glycols from off-spec and waste glycol streams, our incoming raw materials vary with every generator, supplier and carrier. However, our processing equipment is much more efficient and we have higher utilization rates when we are able to take the varying quality of the raw material and make it a consistent feed to our process units.

Before your visit, the variation in the quality of our raw material feedstock was significant and after your visit, because we are now using your recommended chemicals –including ECA 15-2—the quality of our feedstock has become very predictable and consistent and as a result, we are running at a much higher capacity, and higher utilization rate than before.

Thank you for your help and for providing us with treatment chemistry that has improved our top and bottom line performance.

I would not hesitate to recommend you and your demulsification chemicals to any and all parties in this type of business.


From - J. Michael Redd


Emerald Alaska Inc. would like to extend a special thanks to Dr. Sam Delchad and Emulsions Control Inc. Their outstanding products, customer service, and response to our needs is always first and foremost.

With their assistance Emerald Alaska continues to provide and improve the quality of customer service and products we produce for our clients. Although Emulsions control has found effective ways to treat our products they continue to search for ways to cut the costs of our treatments and improve quality. We have most recently worked with Dr. Delchad on a field project where a large amount of soda ash was present in crude oil slops. This caused a large amount of sediment to bind with the oil. Our client wanted Emerald Alaska to reduce the sediment content down to 2 %.

With initial field testing and the outstanding support from our friends at Emulsions Control we were able to reduce sediment to .05 % with no detectable water. The client was so happy with the results that they asked us to treat the 10,000 gallons of oily sludge generated by the initial product treatment. During this final phase we were able to remove an additional 8,000 gallons of water and 1,340 gallons of oil, reducing client waste to 660 gallons of sludge. With these results Emerald Alaska has been asked to return again as needed to address these problems for our client.

Once again from Emerald Alaska we thank the team at Emulsions Control Inc. for their outstanding customer service and support.

From - Blake Hillis, C.E.O.

I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know the positive impact your company has had on our operations in Robstown, Texas. We first sent you a sample of an oil/water emulsion in early 2009. You were able to recommend a specific emulsion breaking chemical along with a recipe that we used to successfully treat a variety of emulsions from the refining and petrochemical industry. It was apparent from our initial contact that we had found a service oriented company that understood our business well.

We had you come to our site in September 2009 to train our staff though the three day course you offer on breaking emulsions. We recently held a value engineering meeting and as part of that meeting listed historical plant improvements summarizing the impact each has had on our operations. Several of the plant improvements were conceived as a direct result of the training we received from you in 2009. The fundamental knowledge you passed to us in the course allowed us to make process modifications that have had profound impacts on our operations.

Our staff has had the pleasure of talking your course twice and we use concepts learned in the course every day in our plant operations. Your course is now a prerequisite for the growth of our personnel within our company. We have also used your treatment bulletins a number of times to successfully break and treat difficult emulsions.

Your company continues to fill our orders for emulsion breaking chemicals and is responsive on each and every Single order. Please pass on our sincere appreciation to your entire staff. We will continue to be a dedicated customer and look forward to working with you for years to come.

From - Gregg S. Meyers

Field Services Manager
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